Our Story

So, our story began a few days before Ramadan 2022. I was just sitting alone on the roof of my hostel. This was my usual routine at night during those days.

I used to see many messages and statuses of people asking for blood for somebody who was in critical condition in a hospital. Moreover, I had also seen statuses and messages of people asking for donations for somebody needy and poor. I always wondered, would all these things always solve in this way?? Can’t we find some other better and more centralized system????

So, suddenly I came across the idea of creating a website where donors can voluntarily register themselves and people can find donors for their loved ones. Moreover, needy people who need money can also get donations via crowdfunding centrally, because in a decentralized system, people usually don’t get to know how much amount has been collected and how much is required.

So, first I started searching for ways to do these things. After researching for some days, I found out all the ways to do it, and I was very surprised to know that both of these things are actually possible. I found out that such websites actually exist in modern countries, but there is not a single website like this in Pakistan.

So, I decided to create such a website, which was going to be 1st of its kind in Pakistan. But, I was not confident about the success of this idea. So, I started discussing it with some of my close friends one by one. To my surprise, everyone’s response was different about it. Some encouraged me and some discouraged me. Everyone told me its different pros and cons. After that, I shared this idea with many people who were not that close friends of mine, but they were trustworthy enough to listen to my idea. Again, some people motivated me and some demotivated me. I was so confused that I was not able to make a decision.

However, after a lot of brainstorming, I decided to just give it a try.

Now I had to choose a name for this organization.  Again, I consulted many friends. A lot of good names were suggested, but domain names were not available and some were premium domains and their cost was too high that I could not afford them. So, after a lot of brainstorming, I decided its name by myself. And bought its domain.

After that, I requested my friend and roommate Muzammil Ahmad to create a logo for it. He is one of the best graphic designers. And he did his job perfectly. He designed the logo free of cost. A lot of appreciation, and thanks to him.

After that, I also had to buy some paid premium plugins to develop this website and purchased them. It almost costed me about Rs 10,000/- excluding the hosting charges because I already had a hosting service for my other website (https://www.insidefmu.com) .

And I developed this website during my summer vacations in 2022.

Even after completing its development, I could not launch it for about more than a year. First, I was busy with my studies and professional examinations. And still after that I could not launch it because I was unsure about its success. But after all, I am launching this website on my 21st birthday, i.e. 13 July 2023.

Still, I don’t know whether this website will succeed or not, but I just created it, thinking positively and trusting in Allah. I created it just for the sake of Allah Almighty. So, it’s all up to HIM now.

Muhammad Usman Ilyas

Founder & CEO